Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Sri Aurobindo: Ripples and Waves

When the overmind descends, the predominance of the centralizing ego-sense
is entirely SUBORDINATED, lost in largeness of being and finally abolished;
a wide cosmic perception and feeling of a boundless universal self and
movement replaces it: many motions that were formerly ego-centric may still
continue, but they occur as currents or RIPPLES in the cosmic wideness.
Thought, for the most part, no longer seems to originate individually in the
body or the person but manifests from above or comes in upon the cosmic
mind-WAVES: all inner individual sight or intelligence of things is now a
revelation or illumination of what is seen or comprehended, but the source
of the revelation is not in one's separate self but in the universal
knowledge; the feelings, emotions, sensations are similarly felt as waves
from the same cosmic immensity breaking upon the subtle and the gross body
and responded to in kind by the individual centre of the universality; for
the body is only a small support or even less, a point of relation, for the
action of a vast cosmic instrumentation. In this boundless largeness, not
only the separate ego but all sense of individuality, even of a subordinated
or instrumental individuality, may entirely disappear; the cosmic existence,
the cosmic consciousness, the cosmic delight, the play of cosmic forces are
alone left: if the delight or the centre of Force is felt in what was the
personal mind, life or body, it is not with a sense of personality but as a
field of manifestation, and this sense of delight or of the action of Force
is not confined to the person or the body but can be felt at all points in
an unlimited consciousness of unity which pervades everywhere.