Sunday, January 01, 2006

Aurobindo and Dwarkoji

Sri Aurobindo's "Life Divine" p 1025
"All being is one and to be fully is to be all that is. To be in the being of all and to include all in one¹s being, to be conscious of the consciousness of all, to be integrated in force with the universal force, to carry all action and experience in oneself and feel it as one¹s own action and experience, to feel all selves as one¹s own self, to feel all delight of being as one¹s own delight of being is a necessary condition of the integral divine living."
[Sri] The more occasions I have of sharing Dwarkoji's living philosophy-in-action through stories, the more I feel what Sri Aurobindo is saying is precisely what Dwarkoji is enacting.


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