Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Integral Life Practice

Practices That Transform Us, All In One Place
The Ultimate in Body-Mind-Spirit Cross-Training

Ken Wilber / Philosophy

Description of Integral Life Practice Starter Kit

Based on the acclaimed AQAL (All Quadrants, All Levels) map of reality and human potential, Integral Life Practice is a breakthrough program for evolving body, mind, and spirit in self, culture, and nature. The Integral Life Practice Starter Kit is a fast and easy way to learn ILP, giving you the tools to practice in your own home.

The ILP Kit consists of 4 DVDs, 2 CDs, 3 booklets, and the Essential ILP Poster. Each DVD covers one of ILP's four core modules —Spiritual, Body, Shadow, and Framework—by teaching a "gold star" practice in that module.

  • DVD 1, Spiritual: Big Mind™, with Genpo Roshi, is a fast and effective approach to experiencing your highest self and biggest heart, using an elegant integration of Zen and western psychology.
  • DVD 2, Body: 3-Body Workout, with Huy Lam, Terry Patten, and Rob McNamara, introduces a "3-body" daily practice, integrating strength training (physical body), energy practice (subtle body), and open awareness (causal body).
  • DVD 3, Shadow: 3-2-1 Process™, with Diane Musho Hamilton, is a quick and powerful technique for revealing—and integrating—hidden aspects of yourself.
  • DVD 4, Framework: AQAL™ Framework, with Ken Wilber, presents the most comprehensive map of human potential available—a "big picture" of reality that includes East and West, traditional and cutting-edge.

The CDs give you a way to learn ILP anywhere you have an audio player:

  • CD 1, Meditation With Form, with Terry Patten and Willow Pearson, features guided meditations for actualizing Ever-present Awareness and Universal Love.
  • CD 2, Fitting It All Together, with Ken Wilber, features in-depth explanations of all the basic concepts in ILP, from exclusive tele-sessions with Wilber.

The ILP Starter Kit booklets provide important background to what you'll learn from the DVDs and CDs, and include the Welcome to Integral Life Practice booklet, the My ILP Handbook, and Introducing AQAL, by Ken Wilber.

Integral Life Practice is not just a combination of practices, it is an integration of practices, the ultimate in body-mind-spirit cross training. This radically unified approach multiplies the effect of any practice you choose to engage. Besides optimizing time and energy, ILP delivers deeper results because it is individually tailored. Integral practice broadens the "practice field" with as many options as there are disciplines. It helps you avoid the dead ends and burnout common to stand-alone exercises, and is exponentially more interesting, since so much more of yourself is awake and on-line in the process. You will see more clearly and feel more deeply into the texture of your own being. This in turn leads to actualizing greater capacities of your body, mind, heart, and soul, opening up entire new ways of living and being in the world.

4 DVDs
2 CDs
2 Booklets
My ILP Handbook
The Essential ILP Poster