Tuesday, May 24, 2005

"The Path of the Here and Now" by Bill Dougherty

"The Path of the Here and Now" by Bill Dougherty: "Yet there is a path of true spiritual development which has been universally recommended by the great teachers of mankind throughout the ages. It is a path which is as wonderful and simple, and as difficult, as each one of us. It tells us to forget entirely our own advancement and instead to begin right here and now to live up to the grand, selfless love within us; without seeking anything in return, but with only the welfare of others fixed firmly in the center of our consciousness. Naturally enough, the radical changes in our thoughts and feelings necessary to fully reorient ourselves along these lines will take a long, long time to accomplish. On the other hand, however far we may have wandered from this path, we can turn toward it at any moment. And with that very first step we instantly begin to move in sympathy with the highest aspects of ourselves and others. In this way we can do more real good in a day than we might achieve in lifetimes of struggling to overcome our particular weaknesses. For in following this path we are actually living the most sublimely beautiful and infinitely powerful mystery in the universe, the heart and root of us -- compassion."


Blogger viral said...

great passage ... thanks sri!

3:04 PM  
Blogger James Broscheid said...

excellent thought. an aid, possibly, would be to recognize the divine in all. sometimes easier said than done!

7:44 AM  

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