Friday, April 29, 2005

How we get "On second thought" (may be?)

The thalamus and cortex convey information from the environment The thalamus to amygdala pathway carries information rapidly to the amygdala

The thalamus to cortex to amygdala pathway is slower but allows the external stimuli to be cognitively appraised.

The hippocampus is involved in memory and may store information about the emotional significance of external stimuli . Memories can elicit fear presumably through a hippocampus to amygdala pathway .

Source: LeDoux (Scientific American, 270(6), 50-57, 1994)

See also, Laura Arendal The Emotional Brain (2000). Discusses the idea that fear been hardwired into our brains over the course of evolution, and LeDoux's theory

It seems to me the "first thought" is the short path to amygdala; the "second thought" is via the cortex and takes memory and context into account. Living "in the moment" would mean staying with the first thought reaction. - Sri


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